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We’re the business that ensures your laundry machines never fail in washing a heavy load.

Monster Mechanical Ltd began in 2006 with the objective of selling machinery, padding and other machine parts. Our CEO, Leo Bissonnette, was motivated by serving Southern Ontario with personalized service in repairs and maintenance to Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning equipment in particular.

Maintenance and repairs has been a family business for Monster Mechanicl Ltd. With a youthful passion for tackling the challenges that come with repair and installation objectives and a keen eye for organizing machine parts, we’ve been in the long run as everyone’s reliable fallback when the laundry isn’t coming back the usual crisp and clean.

We build loyal and sincere relationships with customers by delivering what we advertise and hitting a home run with the promise of our repair job and the machine parts we can supply you with won’t fail you any time soon. Our passion drives us to inspect all machine parts personally, before we put them on the market.

Repair and maintenance

Turn to Monster Mechanical for Fast Repairs & Maintenance. As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping all commercial laundry equipment in good working order.


Whatever your laundry needs, we have the right equipment you need to run your business with unparalleled service. We specialize in original spare parts for your laundry machine.


Monster Mechanical can handle virtually any project in the Southern Ontario Area. Commerical Laundry Equipment, Dry Cleaning Equipment, Finishing Equipment




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